Finding the Perfect Dog for Children With Allergies


It’s not uncommon for children to go through phases of really wanting a dog, however if your child is allergic to most animals, then this could be a real issue. It’s been proven time and time again that people who have allergies to pets can learn to live with them, but is it fair to put your child through this? Are there any ways around their allergies?

Allergies and pets:

It can be tricky to identify and manage allergies,

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5 Best Careers With Animals


The pet industry is rapidly growing in the UK and there are currently over 18,000 practicing vets to date. With new veterinary practices, animal shelters and groomers opening every month, now more than ever is a great time to explore different careers with animals.

If you’re an animal lover or have a passion for pet care, then considering different careers with animals could be a perfect decision. There are so many different avenues and

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Understanding Your Dog’s Sleeping Patterns:


As a dog owner, it’s hard to ignore how much your canine friend sleeps, but have you ever wondered if they are resting too much? It’s important to understand your dog’s sleeping patterns and how much rest they should be getting, especially when they are very young and as they get older.

How Much Sleep Do They Need?

Generally, a dog sleeps between 12-14 hours every day. Most of this is done during the night when their owners are also

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5 Of The Best Jobs For Dogs


Sometimes it’s difficult to understand why we have been blessed with such loyal and loving companions - but it seems that we are just that lucky. As well as being cute and affectionate, dogs also provide a number of services that benefit society massively, here are some of the most important jobs that dogs have…

Therapy Dogs:

A therapy dogs purpose is to make you feel better. These dogs are brilliant for people who have anxiety and

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What is the Popular Sire Effect in Dog Breeding?


The popular sire effect is becoming one of the most common problems amongst breeders and for new litters of pups. Some sought-after breeds have been burdened with this syndrome which leads to quite serious health problems. So what is it and how to we stop it from happening?

What is the sire effect in dog breeding?

The popular sire effect is where a male dog is bred repeatedly, which can lead to any undesirable genetic traits of the stud

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The Importance Of Temperament In Dog Breeding


When we think about breeding a health dog, we often think about the physical traits of the animal. Ensuring they are free from genetic disorders, have a strong immune system and show all the right physical characteristics of their breed. Responsible dog breeders will know the importance of ensuring their animals are physically healthy, but the best dog breeders go one step further to ensure the pups also display healthy temperament.


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Allergies in Cats: Symptoms and Causes


When it comes to allergies cats are quite similar to people, they can contract different allergies quite easily and it is a really common occurrence. So, if your cat starts sneezing don’t panic! Allergies are a result of their immune systems becoming sensitive to allergens in their surroundings (i.e. pollen). It’s important to be able to diagnose the symptoms that your furry friends may have and to know how to treat them.

What are the most

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The UKs Most Popular Dog Breed – The French Bulldog


The French Bulldog is the new pet craze that has hit the UK over the past couple of years. Before ten years ago this breed were scarcely heard of, but now you will see them everywhere you go! The French Bulldog is one of the most expensive breeds of dog to buy, and despite their price they have claimed the title of the most in-demand dog breed in the UK.

                           Why Are They So Popular?

Small dogs are fast becoming a

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Tips to Get Your Dog Ready for Spring:


With Spring fast approaching and Summer on the horizon, there are lots of things that you have to consider before their arrival. Getting your dog ready for the warmer months may not be on your to-do list, but it’s really important that they are included in your preparation. Your dogs need to be kept healthy in mind, body and spirit, so here are a few things to consider to get your dog ready for Spring…


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​Can I Keep A Dog In An Apartment?


With more and more people choosing to downsize their living arrangements and move into apartments, the result is that a lot of people are asking if it’s ok to keep a dog in the city. There are some people who believe that dogs should only be kept in rural and suburban areas where they will have plenty of open space to run around. However, if you are prepared for the commitment and choose the right breed, there is no reason you can’t keep a

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​Taking Pets Abroad: From Microchipping to Pet Insurance


The January blues have passed and springtime is fast approaching. What better way to celebrate this than to book a holiday! You no longer have to leave your beloved pets at home when you go abroad, but there are steps you have to take, such as microchipping and shopping around for the best pet insurance, to ensure their safety and protection if you decide to do so.

How do I make sure that my pet is safe abroad?

Taking your pet to an unfamiliar

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​How to Care For Your Rottweiler


Rottweilers are large and muscly breed and are often used as police and security dogs. Although they are often stereotyped as being unfriendly and unsuitable to keep as a pet, in reality, they are friendly and loving. Their large and fearsome exterior couldn’t be further from their kind and gentle natures, these dogs make excellent companions and are fantastic with children.

Like any pet, Rottweilers require special attention, dietary

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​Spotting The Signs Of Neuromuscular Disease in Dogs


Your dog’s nervous system is made up of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and muscles. Between the nerves and muscles there are neuromuscular junctions which send signals to the muscles to contact. These junctions aid in everything from walking and running to breathing and swallowing. Neuromuscular disease is a term that applies to any disease that affects these junctions.

Spotting the signs of neuromuscular disease in dogs

There are a

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Caring For Your Cat After He Has Been Neutered


Any responsible cat owner will tell you that if you aren’t planning to breed your pet, the best thing you can do for their health is to have them neutered or spayed. If you plan to let your cat outside, it’s also essential to make sure they can’t get pregnant or impregnate another cat in the neighbourhood. Stray cat populations are a growing problem, made worse by owners letting unneutered cats roam outside.

Although it may seem like a

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​Advice For Dog Breeders: How To Hand Rear Puppies


If you find yourself caring for orphaned puppies, or if the dam is unable to care for her puppies, you may have to hand rear the puppies. Hand rearing involves feeding the litter every two to four hours, day and night, so it is a significant time commitment. Rearing puppies by hand will also mean taking care of the puppies sanitation, keeping them warm and ensuring they are protected from disease. Hand rearing puppies is a significant

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​What To Look For In A Potential Sire For Your Litter


If you’ve made the decision to breed your pedigree dog, the next step is to find a suitable sire. Before choosing a suitable male dog, there are a few things you need to consider. These questions are also useful for anyone looking to purchase a puppy from a new litter. While many people will focus on the dam of the litter, the sire is just as important in ensuring the litter is healthy and of a good temperament. The sire provides half of the

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Common Dog Paw Health Problems And How To Treat Them


You may be well-versed in what it takes to keep your dog’s coat healthy, but not many people know how to spot a healthy or unhealthy paw. When it comes to grooming, many people stop at clipping their dog’s nails, and some people will only leave this for the vet. Like humans, dogs rely on their paws, claws and pads to get them around every day, so making sure they are healthy is essential for keeping your pet happy. Spotting the warning signs

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​How to Keep Unwelcome Cats Out Of Your Home


If your cat likes to roam outdoors, chances are you have a cat flap that will let him come and go as he pleases. And even if you don’t have a cat flap, an open window can be an equally adequate entrance for a curious cat. Cat owners and non-cat owners alike will be familiar with this situation: you leave a window ajar and come home to discover a cat that isn’t your own curled up on your bed. The presence of another cat might make your

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Know Your Cat Coats: From Long To Hairless


Historically, cats only had two kinds of coats, either long or short hair. However, in the last 50 years or so, designer breeding has exploded and resulted in a range of cat coats with a number of different qualities. Depending on the type of coat your cat has, it might require a different grooming routine in order to keep it in tip-top shape. There are also things around your house that you will need to consider, like making sure that your

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​FAQ: I Don’t Know My Dog’s Microchip Number


If you think back to the time before mobile phones, most people could remember a few essential phone numbers without the help of a digital device. Nowadays, most people can only just manage to remember their own phone number, so we completely understand if you find yourself saying: “I don’t know my dog’s microchip number”.

Your dog’s microchip number should usually be between 9 and 15 digits long and it might contain a combination of

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